Centripetal Force

Slinkys can also be used to show Centripetal Force.
You wirl a slinky around your head and see that it swings out from you. This motion away from you is due to way things in motion like to keep going in a straight line. A special force is necessary to make things go in a circle. This inward force is the Centripetal Force! The Centripetal Force comes from YOUR HAND which keep Mr. Slinky rotating nicely in a circle.

The faster you make the Slinky go around, the more force you have to supply with your hand to keep Mr. Slinky from leaving the circle. As slinky wirls around more quickly, the angle of the Slinky makes with the floor becomes less. To say that again, as you rotate faster, the slinky's motion gets flatter and gets closer to level with the floor.

Be careful with this experiment as the Slinky moves fast and can hit AND HURT someone. It's best to do centripetal experiments out-of-doors.

Be Careful and have fun.
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